Workshop Schedule



9-9:30              Introductions


9:30-11            Minority languages in context ((Three talks + 30 minutes discussion))

Sidwell – Reconstructing language contact and social change on Boloven Plateau, Laos.

Enfield & Zuckerman – House Construction and Ethnic Transformation in Upland Central Laos

Slotta – Intelligibility as a sociolinguistic variable

** Discussant = Alan Rumsey **


11:00-11:15     COFFEE


11:15-12:45     Contexts of contact in Vietnam ((Three talks + 30 minutes discussion))

Ngo – Narrating National Ancestors: Depending and Contesting Practices of the Contemporary Vietnamese

Vũ – The impact of languages used as medium of instruction on early grade ethnic minority students’ performance

Hang, Quỳnh & Lợi – The language of Lachi people in Ban Diu commune, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province

** Discussant = Hy van Luong **


12:45-2            LUNCH


2:00-3:30         Orthography and identity ((Three talks + 30 minutes discussion))

Hickman – Hmong millenarian movements and orthographies

Mukdawijitra – Materials and politics of script among ethnic Lao Song (Tai Dam) in Thailand

Paulson – Writing in the Margins: The Linguistic Landscapes of Endangered Austronesian Languages in Vietnam

** Discussant = James Slotta **


3:30-3:45         COFFEE


3:45-5:35         Ritual, gender, discourse ((Four talks + 30 minutes discussion))

Paing – Daughters of Good Lineage and Bitchy Prostitutes in Burmese Buddhist Nationalist Discourse

Shohet – Rituals and routines of sacrifice: Embodying asymmetrical reciprocity in Vietnamese

Nguyễn (Dương) – Talking with the Ancestors: Conversational repair in soul-calling ritual

High – More than “Mother and Child”: Birth policy and practice in Laos

** Discussant = Elinor Ochs **



9:00-11.00      Ideology ((Three talks + 30 minutes discussion))

Yin – “Khmer has no grammar rules”: metapragmatic commentaries and linguistic anxiety in Cambodia

Enfield & Zuckerman – Heavy Sound Light Sound: A metalinguistic trope of the Nam Noi Valley

Dunford – Combination and Difference in Standardized Ta’ang

Wnuk – Emotion systems in mobile and sedentary hunter-gatherers

** Discussant = Judith Irvine **


11:00-11:15     COFFEE


11:15-12:45     Asymmetries in Vietnamese interaction ((Three talks + 30 minutes))

Pham & Nguyen – A statistical analysis of politeness and gender-bias in the use of pronouns in southern Vietnam

Luong & Sidnell – Shifting referential perspective in Vietnamese speech interaction

Sidnell, Trần & Vũ– On the interactional division of intersubjective labor

** Discussant = Alessandro Duranti **


12:45-2.00       LUNCH


2:00-3:15         Discussant round table


3:15-3:30         COFFEE


3:30-5:00         Open discussion

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